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     Fai hadn’t been in this particular world for long, but he couldn’t help but feel a sliver of relief whenever he had taken notice of the population’s attire. What they wore wasn’t too unlike his own—a long, double-breasted khaki coat, slacks, and dress shoes he had acquired from the world before. It was always a hassle, truth be told. While the mage always found a way to make it happen, he often had to try and afford inconspicuous clothes to fit the place he found himself within, lest he drew too much attention to himself. Of course, he drew attention naturally with his insufferable fake carefree demeanor, but that was besides the point.

     It must’ve been midday when he arrived—the sun risen high above the cloudless sky whilst the large city’s streets and sidewalks were crowded with cars and passers-by alike. With no reservations, he smiled, worked his way into the crowded sidewalk and began his search. Hopefully, this world had just what he sought. Unlike the last few trips he had mad—

     ”W-whoa~!” Having been too caught up in his thoughts, he hadn’t noticed the door just in front of him open—causing him to yell out with a laugh-tainted cry as he jumped back away from seemingly inevitable impact. 

(▲) // ~     The “assistant” found himself running around doing “errands” for his “superior”, Yako. But in all honesty, he was doing these errands out of his own whim. In order to complete the fun little renovations he had planned for the office, he had to get supplies from the hardware store.

     After purchasing the heaviest chains the hardware store had to offer, Neuro managed to garner some strange looks from curious shoppers— all of them were probably wondering how he could manage to lift those heavy pounds of metal without collapsing. As much as he normally tried to keep his supernatural identity under control, it didn’t matter if he gathered some attention. In a city as busy as this one, they must have seen stranger things than a man carrying chains.

     Upon exiting the store, he bumped right into someone who made some strange cry of surprise that was somewhere between a giggle and a shriek and immediately, the demon put on his “nice assistant” cover.

     ”Oh my, oh my. Are you alright, sir?” he asked as he adjusted the chains that were slung over his shoulder. “I didn’t hit you with the door, did I?”

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Beat Me Up • Allison Iraheta

You like to keep me on a chain, chain, chain
Change your mind or change your ways, ways, ways
You got me running through a maze, maze, maze
I know this isn’t just a phase, phase, phase

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"I do.. There's my half brother.. I don't know if he would have any information, though." She looked as if she didn't really want to talk to the guy.

(▲) // ~     ”Judging from that tone you don’t have a good relationship with him.”

     ”But from the information you’ve provided me thus far, it appears like he’s our only lead. It’s up to you to decide just how desperately you want to find the other trinket.”

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Glaring afternoon sunlight marked the start of office hours for the blonde youth. As per her usual routine she made a mad dash back to the Demon World Detective agency from school to avoid an extra painful dose of punishment hand delivered by her ‘assistant’.

Stumbling the stairwell of the building with her school bag in hand, Yako forced herself up to the dull grey agency door and virtually charged though. She panted heavily and yelled out an apology to be safe. She made it, but twenty seconds late. Hopefully that wasn’t enough to get her thrown off the roof. Unfortunately with a demon for a boss, it was always a possibility that it could happen anyway.

The young woman was met with silence. His seat was empty.
Godai wasn’t in either…

“…He’s not here?”

(▲) // ~     Even though he was just above and out of Yako’s range of sight, the demon was still in the office. Unless he was buying materials to make traps with or to use for a future case, the assistant didn’t do much except wait in the office for Yako to arrive. This time, during her absence, Neuro simply decided to take a stroll— on the ceiling— and the highschool detective just happened to come bursting in while he was up there.

     From that position, he grabbed the detective’s head with crushing force. “Wrong. And you’re late, worm.”

     Then he proceeded to hop down and push Yako’s face lower until she was sprawled on the floor. Grinning, the demon squatted before his now-prone cover, “Perhaps I should make you scrub the ground with your cheek for a number of hours equivalent to the amount of seconds you were late.”

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